Marc Maynon was born in Brooklyn Coney Island to Peter Krey and Nora Zapata Krey. His father worked as a minister at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Coney Island and his mother was a clinical social worker. When Marc was four and a half his father was accepted into a PHD program at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley California. Peter and Nora set off with Marc and his two older brothers. They stayed briefly in El Cerrito, where they were guests at the home of the Lohmans, and afterward they settled in Albany. While growing up, Marc was into drawing, imagining, writing and most notably, singing. As a child his parents could always hear him singing along with the radio in the back seat of the car. In high school, Marc was encouraged to act by his friend Tommy Harkness and by his choir teacher Joan Sextro. Eventually Marc set off for Los Angeles after he was accepted into the Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program at UCLA.

              When he turned 18, Marc found Tea for the Tillerman in his mom’s music collection. When he heard the song “Where Do The Children Play”, he decided to learn to play the guitar. His eldest brother Ashley had been playing guitar since he was 14. Marc had grown up seeing how well the instrument could accompany singing. Marc didn’t start by learning how to play Cat Stevens songs however, instead he began writing his own music right away. Within a year or two Marc was frequenting the open mics in Los Angeles like The Unurban Cafe and the Rainbow Room. Marc met Bobby Parker while in college. Bobby was an excellent guitarist and together they formed a band with two other buddies, the brothers Bryan and Kevin Schofield. The band was called Leonine.

              In 2009 Marc recorded his first solo LP. It was called Cybele Burn. He recorded it all in a weeks time. That summer he had been cast in a feature film called “100 Proof” that shot in Queens New York. Marc got to spend the summer in New York and played at a couple different open mics like the Sidewalk Cafe, Pete’s Candy Store and Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar. He tried to share his LP with everyone he met.

              Marc came out with a demo of electronic rock music in 2010. It got a positive record review from KZSC (UC Santa Cruz’s Radio Station). The demo was called “Grand Horror Spectacle Songs”. After that, he withdrew temporarily from his music endeavors to pursue a career in acting. In 2011, he starred in the feature length independent film “Cheated” directed by his child hood friend Tommy Harkness. He also taught drama at a charter school for a year during that time.

              At the end of 2012, Marc returned to the Bay Area to get a change of pace from LA, and also to be closer to his mom and dad and his brother Josh. On October 19th, 2013 ( his 26th birthday ) he released his four song album “Download Jesus”. Thoroughly bitten by the music bug, Marc bid farewell to his ambitions for an acting career and in January 2014 he began work on what would become “Watch Pot”.

             Marc worked in retail selling art supplies for roughly 2 years, during which time he completed the recording of his second EP “Watch Pot”. “Watch Pot” was released in the fall of 2015 and received generally good reviews from such publications as “Ground Sounds”, “Independent Clauses”, “I Sing In The Kitchen” and “The Sound Of Confusion”. The EP’s single “I Never Think With My Head” was nominated for the best pop song of 2016 on Indie Music People’s Golden Kayak awards.

             In December of 2015 Marc Maynon took the leap from hobbyist to full time musician. He subsisted through the year of 2016 making the majority of his income by playing farmers’ markets, cafes and bars as well as additional income doing music production (mixing, chord arranging and tracking vocals) for clients. January 2017, Marc began work on his first 10 song LP “Sweet Famine”, which is comprised of songs he wrote during 2016 as he developed a lifestyle of consistently playing live. “Sweet Famine” is set to be released at the end of 2017.

           “What Are We Really Saying?” a preview track was released on Indie Music People to excellent reception. Within two weeks of it’s upload date to Indie Music People it was placed on Indie Music People’s top 25 songs list as #25. A new song will be released from “Sweet Famine” every month in anticipation of it’s final release date. Marc’s biggest inspiration to this day remains T. Rex.